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Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology

About This Course

The IT industry has emerged as one of the fastest growing sectors of the Indian economy. Given the unprecedented growth of IT industry, organisations require manpower that is proficient in both information technology as well as business aspect. A successful IT enterprise will have the right mix of sterling technology systems and proven business strategies. Developing systems requires extensive communication between technical developers, business managers and users.
With the rapid growth in international trade in various countries, Post Graduate Diploma in IT emphasises on utilising information technologies for productivity and competitiveness, prepares you to succeed in your IT management career. The program’s unique focus on the management of technology effectively prepares students for successful careers in the dynamic and fast-paced information technology marketplace.
The curriculum will help students acquire IT management positions, which are projected to be amongst the fastest growing through the next decade. PGDIT program is AICTE approved.


Program Structure

Principles and Practices of Management
Business Communication
Information Technology Concepts
Database Management Systems
Algorithms and Programming Concepts
Semester II:
Business Requirement Analysis
Project Management (IT)
Business Applications and ERP
Software Engineering with UML
Data Warehousing and Data Mining
Software Quality Management
Introduction to Data Science, Machine Learning and AI
Information Security Management
Software Documentation
Semester IV:
Current Trends in IT
Business Process Modeling
Cloud Computing